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These actually used to be illegal under FTC rules. The amount of useful outcomes these buybacks could have bought is mind-numbing.

The New York Times: Opinion | Schumer and Sanders: Limit Corporate Stock Buybacks (By CHUCK SCHUMER and BERNIE SANDERS)

Welcome to the Friendica network @Hank Grabowski ! Thanks for the add here, too.


Interesting how they arranged this by common compounds observed...never saw one with carbon, silicon, and titanium in the same group!

Absolutely amazing - In the International Year of the Periodic Table too.
Shows how far we have come with understanding and the importance of understanding chemistry to how our medicine and technology has moved on

"essentially crystal spheres in the sky"

Nature is so cool...

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Being tired is not a badge of honor. It just means you're tired.


Merry #Christmas !

To everyone on the #federation and #fediverse

Happy Birthday.

Thanks very much!

Happy Birthday :)

The #Facebook hits keep coming...

The New York Times: As Facebook Raised a Privacy Wall, It Carved an Opening for Tech Giants (By GABRIEL J.X. DANCE, MICHAEL LaFORGIA and NICHOLAS CONFESSORE)

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Facebook Employees Are So Paranoid They’re Using Burner Phones to Talk to Each Other

Sorry for the radio silence. With the family on a trip to #SanFrancisco . Got to see the #muirwoods first time in person. Quite a humbling experience.


I hiked the upper trail there a few years ago. It's a really cool spot.

Wish we had more time to do that! Definitely need to come back.

Gives me more motivation to finish up my server and make a node to invite my friends to #deletefacebook

The New York Times: On Thanksgiving Eve, Facebook Acknowledges Details of Times Investigation (By NELLIE BOWLES and ZACH WICHTER)

Interesting article on #blackbeard and #pirates
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