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Thought I'd write an # for all those # from the Musk exodus:

I'm an analytical chemist. I've hosted my own # node (instance) at my home since 2018, shortly after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. From there, I got bit by the # bug and am now hosting my own # replacements for many FAANG services.

Welcome all to the # ! If you are thinking about self-hosting and have questions, would be happy to help as able!

Several years ago when coaxing my cranky kid to eat his dinner at a restaurant, I told him I’d drink the side of ranch that came with my meal if he ate his food. He did, and I did, and it’s not something I’d like to repeat.

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!Friendica Support

Apologies for the fundamental question, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for online.

I'm trying to help test the new Fedilab app, and one error I've been having is that I'm unable to upload photos from the app. The developer said that my instance does not return supported MIME types. An update was provided that prevented it from crashing from not detecting the MIME type, but the draft window just closes, so I'd like to try to fix it on my server.

Is there a way to fix this on my server easily, and where is the MIME type file located? Which mime types should I enable?


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Alright. Tusky seems to work just fine, so if I want to post photos, I guess I'll use that for now. 🙂 Commented on the issue for it again on codeberg, we'll see what we find.

Bah! Finally succumbed to COVID. I probably have the "milder" Omicron strain(s), but if this was mild I can't imagine what the original without vaccinations would have done...
Thanks for checking in @Steven Brady ! I think I'm on the upswing now, still a lingering cough and get tired easily, but no more fever or severe coughing. Probably another week or two and will be back to normal (such as it is. 🙂).

Good guy proton. Thanks @ProtonMail ! Happy that the support has helped. 👍💪
@Steven Brady
They just released an F-droid app with non-Google pish notifications too!

I knew the # people were working on decentralized # over element, but somehow totally slept on this announcement. Excited to here SFU is in the cards too!
That looks really neat!

A co-worker has a wife who travels and was nice enough to share some of the # from her recent travel. Enjoyed this Riedenburger very much tonight! ::beer: ::like:

At the place we're staying at in # there is a resident cat named Mr. Beans! # #
Black and white cat in doorway.

Visiting # with my family for my sister's birthday and rented a cool house in the mountains. The roads were a bit perilous but the view waking up was worth it. 🙂
Panoramic view of mountains and pine trees.
Though apparently on the mountains the weather can whipsaw between 70 F and snow:

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It's true, Mastodon is but one service in a constellation of applications all communicating together via the ActivityPub protocol. There are services that simulate Reddit, music and video streaming (spotify/youtube), blogging, etc., etc. There is a wide world to the Fediverse, as I'm posting from Friendica, another social network service. :)

After Musk's Twitter Deal, Users Rush to Mastodon | Make Tech Easier

This news caused one of Mastodon’s main servers, to slow down. The site is very similar to Twitter in the way messages appear; however, Mastodon is constructed of multiple servers that work independently of each other but can still interact with each other. The system has been compared to the way multiple email servers interact.
# # # # # # # #

Such a shame. I loved the food at this place! Hopefully the Gin Room carries it on into new tasty frontiers...

Café Natasha is closing in April after 39 years as owner Hamishe Bahrami enters retirement. The Gin Room, the adjacent bar run by Bahrami’s daughter, Natasha, will remain open.…

Testing out my K480 keyboard with my phone. So far so good!

Man I'm so happy to have discovered one of my favorite solo instrumentalists Bulb (Misha Mansoor, now in Periphery) released some of his old work re-recorded. Brings me back to the soundclick days. 😃 #
I've been listening to the new Haunted Shore stuff, and looking forward to new Periphery.
@Michael Warburton haven't listened to HS for a while, need to jump back in!

Have you ever had a dream that you took off a day from work, and it seemed so real? Then woke up and realized you still had to come in?

That's the boat I'm in. Happy Friday!

Starting up my blog, for like the fourth(?) time. Using Publii this time to get the benefits of a static site with more of the ease of use of WordPress. Hope to post more about what I know with regards to hosting services at home!

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!Friendica Support

Hello all, @Lights Out Games is having trouble making posts, but they can respond when my node tags them in a post, and others can comment on their posts. Seeing if tagging will help them to be able to see the forum and any replies.
Cool, any chance you might be able to look over the logs later? I've made a couple posts that weren't received by folks expecting to get them, so I'm not sure the issue is that they aren't following. I'm also having lots of trouble federating with a remote profile, I don't appear as a follower on that instance, but I've followed/unfollowed the account several times with no change. Anyway, no rush, I'm just glad to have found someone with access to logs on this end. :)

I'm also curious about how some of the posts appear to me. I'm a screen reader user, and am not sure if this is an accessibility issue or something else. I can see my own posts on the forum, but they appear as just the post title and the forum tag. I can't see the content locally, though I can see it when viewing the forum instance. I'm wondering if there's some sort of inaccessible "View more" control to expand longer posts, but there's also a lot in the interface that I'm still getting to grips with.

@JB Carroll @Lights Out Games As we were discussing on XMPP/Matrix, this might be caused by not being able to deliver AP posts to any other instance (i.e., no posts to subscribers, no forum posts). The log contained such lines: worker [INFO]: Transmit to returned 202 ... APDelivery ... HTTPSignature.php line 309 function "transmit" HTTP 202 means "Accepted", and Friendica bails out on a request on signature failures. The same happened with another user (Clay) some days ago. This is a YUnoHost install if it matters.

Yup, got it. Sending one back.
Great! So it works somewhat...

@Steven Brady Nice! Along with signing that I finally got my matrix docker-compose set up. It was a good internet day yesterday - the benefits of being off work!
@Steven Brady I mainly use them for when the install would be a bit too over my head otherwise! Haha. Matrix was one of those. Just didn't have a lot of experience setting virtual environments. Also with docker everything is stored in the same folder (config, data, etc.), so it makes it a bit easier to migrate.

I generally can wrap my head around docker-compose a lot easier than normal docker. You mostly just set everything up in the compose file as YAML, then add a few links in the config to external config files (matrix needed to do this). Still had to fight with nginx and Postgres in docker-compose for a bit, but nice to have it all up and running together.

Got up really early to catch the lunar eclipse! This is a combo of several exposures in #photomatix , an #hdr program. Only have a 300 mm lens, so not the most detailed, but very satisfied with the exposure fusion!

#photo #eclipse #mywork

I recently got into cooking with a #cast-iron pan, and as a scientist, grew really curious about the process of "seasoning": cooking with oil repeatedly leads to a non-stick surface. After reading quite a few techniques online, I thought: somebody has had to have studied this scientifically. Sure enough here's an article for that!

Welp, finally pulled the bandaid fully. Transferred the SIM to the #Pixel4a with #grapheneos . Smell ya later, #iPhone !
I hadn't heard of GrapheneOS before now, I'm definitely going to check it out!
@Michael Warburton I recommend it for sure! Day to day use is basically Android, but there's a lot of extra security measures to shore up the Android OS. Of course, it's also de-Googled, but the ability to get apps outside of the play store is waayyyy better than it used to be. And for a lot of things I just use the mobile site instead of the app, which works great, plus I get tracker blocking from the browser!

@Tobias Also, please ignore this test reply. ::-):

Pixel 4a. Will be glad to get rid of the inane iPhone autocorrect too. :-)

This is so cool! Nature always finds a way to surprise you. Wonder if I can grow something like that here to keep mosquitoes at bay?

Man, and I was just getting used to the iPhone too; this looks suspiciously like the top of a slippery slope. Welp, forced my hand to try to figure out an Android to choose to flash /e/ or LineageOS.

I guess there's one benefit of remote work I can see as an essential employee, a lot of the middlemen I report data to may not be around and I can get more credit for the work I do:

"Similarly, if your entire work product is boxing up other people’s production and sending it to the CEO, that becomes significantly harder to prove as your own in a fully digital environment—the producer in question can simply send it along themselves. Remote work makes who does and doesn’t actually do work way more obvious."

As a sort of “Christmas in July” gift, I set up a website for my parents’ business using #hugo and the hugo-scroll theme. Actually the most time was spent on the logo which I recreated as an #svg using #Inkscape . Even #self-hosting it on my own server!

This is not nice.

And we’re back.

Back to civilization after TWO DAYS without power from a storm. Just glad Ameren doesn’t run the toilets!