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Interned String Buffer Full

!Friendica Support

I switched my fpm over to 8.0 on Friendica, the same as my Nextcloud instance. Ever since I've been getting a notification about my opcache.interned_strings_buffer becoming full. I've increased the memory in php.ini, but it seems like it almost immediately fills up no matter the memory I give it (I have tons of RAM so can experiment). I

Seems like it caches one string to be applied over and over again to improve performance. I wonder if there are some strings generated in Friendica that are always unique and therefore always would fill up the buffer.

Doesn't seem like it's affecting anything yet, but didn't know if that's a bug or a feature.

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@JB Carroll All the translated strings are unique and loaded all at once for each request.

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Makes sense. Thanks! I may try to branch out the Friendica pool to a different user then so it doesn't step on Nextcloud too much.

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