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The "Van Gogh" part of our landscape is springing up. We call it that because it reminds us of #vangogh and his work ”Irises" 😁

The fanciest Chicken and Waffles I've ever seen!

Enjoying this unseasonably cool August night with a firepit using wood from a recent storm, before we pay for it with super warm temps next week.

Pretty cool that #birds have figured out that mud and straw makes a pretty strong #composite for #nests , too!

Got access to the Scott AFB Air Show Practice yesterday from a friend. He serves on the C-40s carrying VIPs all around the world. They actually had SPAR19 at the show, and he let me sit in the VIP section. He said he was pretty sure that this was the seat Speaker Pelosi was in flying over. 🙂

Welp, I did it! Wasn't very active but still felt good to leave. Smell ya later, #twitter !

Got some sweet drinking horns for Christmas. I suppose it's high time to brew another mead! 😂🎅

You can tell you're getting old when you get excited about foundation repairs. #adulting

Got to visit the #spaceneedle in #seattle last week. I've been by it before but never went up. It was really nice inside! Seemed like a fancy hotel, and didn't realize how far up I was until I stepped on the observation deck. 🙂

Nice that they sell ranch in easy sipping single serves! 😉 #midwestlyfe

Good guy proton. Thanks @ProtonMail ! Happy that the support has helped. 👍💪

A co-worker has a wife who travels and was nice enough to share some of the #beer from her recent travel. Enjoyed this Riedenburger very much tonight! ::beer: ::like:

At the place we're staying at in #colorado there is a resident cat named Mr. Beans! #caturday #friendicats

Though apparently on the mountains the weather can whipsaw between 70 F and snow:

Visiting #colorado with my family for my sister's birthday and rented a cool house in the mountains. The roads were a bit perilous but the view waking up was worth it. 🙂

Got up really early to catch the lunar eclipse! This is a combo of several exposures in #photomatix , an #hdr program. Only have a 300 mm lens, so not the most detailed, but very satisfied with the exposure fusion!

#photo #eclipse #mywork

Welp, finally pulled the bandaid fully. Transferred the SIM to the #Pixel4a with #grapheneos . Smell ya later, #iPhone !

Our yard is officially a wildlife preserve. Right outside our front door, a cardinal decided to nest and lay some eggs. This is after the deer fawn we see every year, along with a resident groundhog.

Saw a couple goldfinches outside of my window a few days ago! Thinking about setting out some thistle to see if I can attract a few more. :-)

Just got my second vaccine! Reminded of xkcd’s take on it.


Biden Signs $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill #WhatDoYouThink?


Caught some wicked post front clouds by the airport this morning!

Caught some wicked post front clouds by the airport this morning!

CDC Guidelines Allow Fully Vaccinated People To Gather Indoors With Curtains Drawn To Reduce Spread Of Jealousy


Even with just a 1:1 mixture of compost:manure, most things did pretty well. Unfortunately we underestimated the affinity for a squash plant we started from a store-bought squash seed for the bed, it ended up dominating everything else:

I did a thing!

Made another raised bed to put in the yard. This one is going to grow lots of lettuce and other greens...hopefully. :-)

#friendica #admins , just a heads up.

dear follow #diasporians

i have the hint, there will soon come a wave of #maga - #trumpsters accounts to #diaspora, the older of you might remember on the #wave of #daesh - and #isis accounts yeras ago, when #twitter #silenced their accounts and i think, the #antifa -fellows here in diaspora , the diasporians who have no sympathy to trump or his #whitepower -footsoldiers, the people here, who dont sympathizes with #racism #fascism #homophobia #sexism or (yes, you read right, i wrote OR! which says a lot about this time) #antisemitism the #liberals here, we should be prepared and think about, how to counter that, i dont want diaspora to become the brown echochamber for #conspiracy-ideology, for that #qanon lunacy or this #trump -bullshit
share that, think about that, debate about that, stopping #fascism when you can, not, when its allready to late, #antifascists predicted that allready years ago and itz no #fun anymore, itz no fun, to play #cassanda and beeing right #now itz the time to defeat #fascist #hatespeech here on diaspora, not tomorow, not next week, ITZ NOW!

this is a call to your keyboards!

please share!

you get a funny, hopefully prophetic picture as reward
Bildbeschreibung hier eingeben

ps if you want to support the cause and you think i missed important points, feel free to rephrase that posting or write something in the comments or a pm, feel free to "follow"me (maybe a little warning, i am an antifa, i am really i left wing communist and i am a pro-zionist and i am a militant, we can argue about that, we can have debates or, if you dont like that, make your own post about it, if itz antifascist, i will support it, i love you!)