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Facebook whistleblower revealed on '60 Minutes,' says the company prioritized profit over public good.

The identity of the Facebook whistleblower who released tens of thousands of pages of internal research and documents — leading to a firestorm for the social media company in recent weeks — was revealed on 60 Minutes Sunday night as Frances Haugen.

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I recently got into cooking with a #cast-iron pan, and as a scientist, grew really curious about the process of "seasoning": cooking with oil repeatedly leads to a non-stick surface. After reading quite a few techniques online, I thought: somebody has had to have studied this scientifically. Sure enough here's an article for that!

Welp, finally pulled the bandaid fully. Transferred the SIM to the #Pixel4a with #grapheneos . Smell ya later, #iPhone !

I hadn't heard of GrapheneOS before now, I'm definitely going to check it out!
@Michael Warburton I recommend it for sure! Day to day use is basically Android, but there's a lot of extra security measures to shore up the Android OS. Of course, it's also de-Googled, but the ability to get apps outside of the play store is waayyyy better than it used to be. And for a lot of things I just use the mobile site instead of the app, which works great, plus I get tracker blocking from the browser!

Pixel 4a. Will be glad to get rid of the inane iPhone autocorrect too. :-)

This is so cool! Nature always finds a way to surprise you. Wonder if I can grow something like that here to keep mosquitoes at bay?

Man, and I was just getting used to the iPhone too; this looks suspiciously like the top of a slippery slope. Welp, forced my hand to try to figure out an Android to choose to flash /e/ or LineageOS.

I guess there's one benefit of remote work I can see as an essential employee, a lot of the middlemen I report data to may not be around and I can get more credit for the work I do:

"Similarly, if your entire work product is boxing up other people’s production and sending it to the CEO, that becomes significantly harder to prove as your own in a fully digital environment—the producer in question can simply send it along themselves. Remote work makes who does and doesn’t actually do work way more obvious."

As a sort of “Christmas in July” gift, I set up a website for my parents’ business using #hugo and the hugo-scroll theme. Actually the most time was spent on the logo which I recreated as an #svg using #Inkscape . Even #self-hosting it on my own server!

This is not nice.

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!Friendica Support

Das #Fediverse - als Schaubild. Hier nun die endgültige Fassung. Vielen Dank an @imke!

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And we’re back.

Back to civilization after TWO DAYS without power from a storm. Just glad Ameren doesn’t run the toilets!

Our yard is officially a wildlife preserve. Right outside our front door, a cardinal decided to nest and lay some eggs. This is after the deer fawn we see every year, along with a resident groundhog.

I've also heard these are a good source of tannins, and were used to make the original iron based inks.

Been having fun finding galls - swellings or growths on leaves & stems caused by insects, mites, & even fungi. There are so many different shapes and they're all so fascinating! You can find many on oak and hackberry trees. Just flip over a leaf! #galls…
Small, circular, yellowish to red colored jumping oak galls scattered on the underside of an oak leaf.
Raised bumps known as hackberry nipple gall scattered on the underside of a leaf
Light-green colored cone galls aligned in the center of a witch hazel (Hamamelis) leaf
Pointed-shaped galls known as hackberry thorn gall on the underside of a leaf

Hey, Plusporans!

I posted this as a reply to someone who was reposting the announcement about the issues Pluspora was having lately, but I figured I would post this just in general.

I would like to extend an open invitation to you and anyone who is wanting or needing to setup another fediverse account (due to the unfortunate circumstances at Pluspora) to come check out Friendica. Our friendly Friendica instances speak many languages, so they reach in to many other parts of the fediverse - the GNU Socials, Pleromas, Mastondons, etc, as well as Hubzillas and of course, Diasporas. This invitation is not to dissuade from choosing any particular path, but as I don't see enough cheering for all the great improvements that go in to Friendica all the time, I figure I'd make some noise, especially in light of the changes (or possible changes?) going on at Pluspora.

Feel free to try out a Friendica account at (I've been running this instance since April 2018) or at any instance that might be close and comfortable geographically - you can find a list at

Heck, even if one has had an account on a Friendica instance in the past, there's been a great number of improvements over the past couple of years.

Have a great day, hope all is well, and we look forward to seeing you wherever you wind up!

#pluspora #diaspora #friendica

Tagging a few people:

@David Thiery @diane @Frederick Wilson II @David English @wynter @Jess Nut @Whuffo @DavïÐ Låzårµ§ @Whuffo @Stuart Richman @garpu @garpu @doug t @Jeff Sexton @Paul Frank @Michele Hax @Nora Qudus @Rodrigo Mesa @John Hummel @Steven Vaughan-Nichols @Matthias Vos @Bill B @Wilco Roos

I used to love visiting Cahokia Mounds as a kid; the place is fascinating. Apparently the vast majority of the site also remains unexcavated…wonder what else is hiding there….

Signal is doing a lot of trolling lately and I’m here for it. :-D

Saw a couple goldfinches outside of my window a few days ago! Thinking about setting out some thistle to see if I can attract a few more. :-)

They're just starting to show up in southern BC. Damn Yankees. Ha.

Just got my second vaccine! Reminded of xkcd’s take on it.


Just got my second vaccine! Reminded of xkcd’s take on it. :-)
Congrats! Moderna or Pfizer?
Got the Pfizer shot.

12 people are behind most of the anti-vaxxer disinformation you see on social media

Having nuked Facebook years ago, I've got heard immunity.
Honestly! Just sounds like more and more of a cesspool every day.

Every adult Missourian will now be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine on April 9. Here is our guide to signing up.


Caspian - Sycamore - Audiotree Live

Caspian performs "Sycamore" on Audiotree Live, September 12, 2012. Download the complete session and interview at: Playlist: htt...

The Ozark Trail's so cool, Walmart even borrowed the name for its outdoor equipment line.


Caspian - Sycamore - Audiotree Live

Caspian performs "Sycamore" on Audiotree Live, September 12, 2012. Download the complete session and interview at: Playlist: htt...

Caught some wicked post front clouds by the airport this morning!


Caught some wicked post front clouds by the airport this morning!

CDC Guidelines Allow Fully Vaccinated People To Gather Indoors With Curtains Drawn To Reduce Spread Of Jealousy



lets say joe and john are very similar.
joe opts out.
but john is still in.
so you can learn things about joe from watching john.
it's not enough for a small minority to opt out.

I think I got this right...hopefully this post now posts to Twitter! #friendicatotwitter

I think I got this right...hopefully this post now posts to Twitter! :-) #friendicatotwitter

COVID Moonshot

In case you're running Folding@Home (and I hope you are!), this site is where a lot of candidate molecules are displayed that show the effect of activity calculated against coronavirus. You can see your contribution in real time!