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Thought I'd write an # for all those # from the Musk exodus:

I'm an analytical chemist. I've hosted my own # node (instance) at my home since 2018, shortly after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. From there, I got bit by the # bug and am now hosting my own # replacements for many FAANG services.

Welcome all to the # ! If you are thinking about self-hosting and have questions, would be happy to help as able!
# - An exciting development for a new Covid vaccine: inhaled single dose induces strong mucosal immunity and protection in multiple species, including non-human primates, and prevents transmission across all variants assessed

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Are you using Dropbox cloud storage? You do not want 3rd party AI technology partners to have access to your Dropbox files? Flip this switch, which is on by default. Go to web->account-> settings- 3rd party AI. Please turn it off. Please boost so everyone know how bad this move is … 😡

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Content warning: Food

If we're in a simulation, then this would be a great troll by the admin. 🙂

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Enjoying this unseasonably cool August night with a firepit using wood from a recent storm, before we pay for it with super warm temps next week.

Pretty cool that #birds have figured out that mud and straw makes a pretty strong #composite for #nests , too!

Got access to the Scott AFB Air Show Practice yesterday from a friend. He serves on the C-40s carrying VIPs all around the world. They actually had SPAR19 at the show, and he let me sit in the VIP section. He said he was pretty sure that this was the seat Speaker Pelosi was in flying over. 🙂

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Interned String Buffer Full

!Friendica Support

I switched my fpm over to 8.0 on Friendica, the same as my Nextcloud instance. Ever since I've been getting a notification about my opcache.interned_strings_buffer becoming full. I've increased the memory in php.ini, but it seems like it almost immediately fills up no matter the memory I give it (I have tons of RAM so can experiment). I

Seems like it caches one string to be applied over and over again to improve performance. I wonder if there are some strings generated in Friendica that are always unique and therefore always would fill up the buffer.

Doesn't seem like it's affecting anything yet, but didn't know if that's a bug or a feature.

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@JB Carroll All the translated strings are unique and loaded all at once for each request.
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Makes sense. Thanks! I may try to branch out the Friendica pool to a different user then so it doesn't step on Nextcloud too much.

Content warning: birdsite

I don't know if this says more about AI or about how generic and auto-tuned modern pop music is. 😂


So glad I really don't use these anymore. The few times I've tried Google, the results page is an all-fire mess.

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@hoergen :selected: @Friendica Admins Several of what look like not profiles requested me from this server. Need to do a server wide block myself today.

To all four of my followers that are still using twitter: I'm probably closing this down soon. See you over on the Fediverse. My handle is @JB Carroll. Follow using Friendica, Mastodon, or other service. See you there.

Got some sweet drinking horns for Christmas. I suppose it's high time to brew another mead! 😂🎅

Almost last minute Hail Mary, but I finally got something for everyone on my shopping list for Christmas! Just has been so crazy it was hard to think about it till now...

You can tell you're getting old when you get excited about foundation repairs. #adulting
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That is some next-level adulting right there. Way to get her done.
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@alysonsee (Fca) the repair added some excitement yesterday. The generator they were using was too close to the house and set off our CO detector, which correspondingly made our security company send the fire dept. out. My wife who WFH did not get much accomplished yesterday...

Thank goodness we don't repair our basement every day! 😅

Got to visit the #spaceneedle in #seattle last week. I've been by it before but never went up. It was really nice inside! Seemed like a fancy hotel, and didn't realize how far up I was until I stepped on the observation deck. 🙂

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You mean Apple's privacy advertising was

I guess the #docker images hit for #postgres...took out my #matrix server for a while. Probably ought to get out of the habit of just tacking "latest" on all my images on docker-compose. Thank goodness I'm only my own #sysadmin ! 🙃
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@Steven Brady Thanks! Back up and raring to go. Just changed the docker image back to 14.5 for postgress, did another coker-compose pull and up, and we're back.

I would like to switch to 15 someday, but seems less than straightforward, so will do that when I have some free time. 🙂

Happy Birthday @Isaac Kuo ! Hope it's a good one.

Good ole petrichor. Haven't smelled that in a long time in STL.

Also, can't wait for sodium sulfur batteries to really take off!

Sodium Ion Batteries are, apparently, now in production. As in, this isn't theoretical. Customers are purchasing and using them now.

How Na-Ion batteries differ from Li-Ion batteries:

First, Na is very similar to Li but heavier so in general they operate the same way. But, obviously, there's no Li in a Na-Ion battery. But apparently neither is there any cobalt or copper or graphite.

No Li, Co, and no Cu means Na-Ion batteries are much less costly in terms of materials but also in terms of labor and environmental hazards.

But Na is heavier than Li so what about energy density? Well, there's a claim here that these Na-Ion batteries have comparable energy density to Li-Ion batteries. Which would mean there must be a mass-savings in some of the other constituents of the battery, right?

Well, whatever. It's something I'll be keeping an eye on. If it all works out this could be a very good thing indeed.

Just got my HP with #PopOS delivered! Probably the best laptop keyboard that I remember typing on. 😁
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JB Carroll
I also got the HP creator mouse they recommended on the site. Both the mouse and the laptop seem very solid. The keyboard is like a modern version of a Thinkpad keyboard; like 3x more travel than other boards I've tried.