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But muh free speech!

PSA. I've been getting a lot of nazi posts in my feed lately, complaining that pods are banning them for their hate speech. Again, they complain under the guise of #freespeech.

Pods are not governments! They are privately held entities and admins can do what they wish with banning users. You're free to spew hate speech on some other media (or whatever), but that doesn't mean anyone here has to host your BS online or listen to what you say.


via xkcd:

hmmm, sounds like a possibly easy Greasemonkey script.
kinda makes me wonder if there may be one around already.
Hi Adam,

[I believe in the US your laws are currently a little conflicted, and will be sorted out in due time. This baker case is fairly high profile and it sounds like the reason the state decision was overturned was due to the state penalizing the baker due to religious beliefs, which really doesn’t say anything about whether the baker should be forced to treat people equally or not.
In Canada, we have the charter of rights and freedoms, and it’s pretty clearly spelled out that one can not discriminate on such terms, so religion or not, you don’t get to tell people to take a hike out of your business based on them being gay, or of a particular skin colour, or gender, etc. However, it would still be entirely appropriate to kick someone out of your business for hate speech, libel, or any other of a number of things that are against the law.]

I wanted to comment on this earlier, but didn't have the time. The NPR story on why the Colorado decision is "narrow" and not likely to pro-discrimination to become the norm:

I'm Canadian by birth, but became a US citizen in 2010. The first amendment here is a bit different than how the Canadian Charter protects free speech and freedom of religion, but runs along the same line of thought. In this case one of the justices said the case had been compromised "by the comments of one of seven commissioners at a public hearing — comments that Kennedy said disparaged Phillips' faith as "despicable" and comparable to comments made by those who sought to justify slavery on religious grounds."

I think it would be almost certain that in most States a gay couple could walk into a bake shop and buy an already made cake or design and expect to complete the transaction without discrimination. And if they ran into discrimination would find the law on their side. Where it could get more difficult is if they asked the baker for a custom design and wording, perhaps something like "God Loves Gays." The first amendment protects the right of someone to remain silent. Apple recently referenced that in regards to the FBI request for them to author a program to break into an iPhone the FBI had in evidence.