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Vision Quest

Got some more time away from the grind to visit some awesome parks in #Missouri . Visited Amidon, Silver Mines, and Knob Lick Overlook.

#photo #mywork

Even tech-savvy people can fall victim to spear phishing attacks. This cautionary tale by @RobJHeaton shows how creative hackers can be. The lesson here? Never click on a link from someone you don’t know unless you’re 100% sure it’s legitimate.

New House, New Rules

I suppose moving to a different municipality means that the ISP (which is the same one I had before) enforces ipv6 a lot more than before. That means it's messing with my laptop's ability to resolve hostnames, use Skype, and I had to add some extra configuration to all of my nginx configuration files for ipv6 listening.

In other words, the joys of moving/owning your own house.

hello world (redux)

Server is back online! Excited to be back on the federation/fediverse.

Missed you. Welcome back.

@alysonsee (Fca) Thanks! Glad to catch up on your photos. :-)

Lucky you, who can be heard by friends. When I brought back my server a huge design failure made it so that I could not connect to friends again ...

The saddest thing is to see a "cant fix" label attached to a Free Software issue... Doesn't make sense, does it ?

Off the grid will be going off line for about a week while I move into my new house. I apologize to all of the admins in advance for all of the "message not delivered" errors to my node. :-)

Good luck with the move!

@Michael Warburton Thanks! You never appreciate (or wince at) the amount of stuff you have until you have to move it all...

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Inside of you are two wolves

One has an unknown position
The other has an unknown velocity

The wolves are both really small, welcome to physics class

Feed 'em!!

**Sidestepping Apple: the third-party tinkerers fighting for your right to repair

| The Guardian**
hen Jessa Jones’s twin daughters flushed her iPhone 4S down the toilet, she decided that she was going to fix it herself. She took the toilet apart in her backyard, retrieved the device, and then searched online for how to make it turn on again.

She not only went on to fix it, she started a repair business.
Jones soon had more business than she could handle. After recruiting other stay-at-home moms in her neighborhood and teaching them electronics repair, she launched a small business from her dining room called MommyFixits.

#technology #mobile

Back from isolation!

Internet was down for a few days. Finally got repaired with a new modem and back on the fediverseration!

I know how that is.

@Samantha Joe the downside of home self-hosting.

Player Piano

High tech, low morals.

Take a Hike

Recently went on a #hike to Pickle Springs and Hickory Canyon State Parks in #Missouri . Brought along the #dslr to shoot some #hdr of the beautiful sandstone formations.

#photo #mywork
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Looks like it was a nice day for a walk.

@alysonsee (Fca) it was a wonderful day. Full disclosure, took a "mental health day" (i.e., sick leave) to go. Work's been crazy, but sometimes you just have to make the time. :-)

“What we are seeing now is the luxurification of human engagement,”

The New York Times: Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good (By NELLIE BOWLES)

Your password may be weaker than you think. Learn about how passwords get hacked and how to create a strong password:


And thank you for the kind welcome!

Welcome to the new We Distribute!
We Distribute is my years-long-in-the-making project to document and write about free software, decentralization and federated social technologies. It has taken many forms over the years, ranging from small news bulletins talking about what a given project was doing, to detailed overviews of how these different systems actually work, and interviews with the people who are building them.

This status is a statement of intent to bring this project into its next phase: a media publication focused on bringing news about these things directly to the fediverse itself. How, you may ask?

Firstly, We Distribute is moving off of, and opt instead to self-host using only Free Software. Our site doesn't serve ads, doesn't use paywalls, and doesn't limit how many articles you can read. We don't collect personal data on you, and we give every article away for free under the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution Share-Alike license.

Secondly, our publication feeds directly into the fediverse. We're using the ActivityPub protocol to talk to the federated social web. What this means is that if you have an account in the fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, Hubzilla, and a growing list), you will be able to subscribe to this site ( and comment on our articles through your social stream reading applications of choice.

All you have to do is subscribe to using your fediverse client of choice.

There are currently some kinks in federating with certain kinds of platforms, but we're doing our best to work them out. Articles that exist before today will not be able to federate because they are older, and existed before our federation plugin was implemented (Pterotype doesn't appear to like content made prior to itself being activated).

We're working hard to prepare for a new and improved writing cycle, which means more quality article in less turnaround time. This will include:
  • News
  • Interviews
  • Reviews
  • Demos
  • Opinion Pieces
We're excited about starting off March 2019 strong. Please keep an eye on this space as we continue to grow and develop!

Job postings for data privacy workers are up 75%, but Google only has about 10 such openings, according to Indeed: If you're passionate about privacy, we're hiring for dozens of roles. Join us!

Protonmail is great. I have heard Nothing negative about them.

Fortunate enough to be able to afford to be a visionary member, so I also use their very good VPN service too. Hopefully by paying they can afford to let more people use their free tiers.

^I was an early enrollee. Could not wait to ditch gmail!

Definitely. Very happy with the service so far!