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Thought I'd write an #introduction for all those #newhere from the Musk exodus:

I'm an analytical chemist. I've hosted my own #Friendica node (instance) at my home since 2018, shortly after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. From there, I got bit by the #selfhosting bug and am now hosting my own #opensource replacements for many FAANG services.

Welcome all to the #fediverse ! If you are thinking about self-hosting and have questions, would be happy to help as able!

Another Blog Post

Another one posted. This was quite a bit longer because I've talked about installing #nginx , installing and configuring #php , as well as #mariadb
in reply to JB Carroll

Thanks for the clear instructions. You strike a nice balance between educating and just getting the job done.
in reply to alysonsee (D*)

Thanks! I tried to be as verbose as I reasonably could. A lot of tutorials assume a lot of prior knowledge, and I know that was frustrating for me when I was getting started.