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Thought I'd write an #introduction for all those #newhere from the Musk exodus:

I'm an analytical chemist. I've hosted my own #Friendica node (instance) at my home since 2018, shortly after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. From there, I got bit by the #selfhosting bug and am now hosting my own #opensource replacements for many FAANG services.

Welcome all to the #fediverse ! If you are thinking about self-hosting and have questions, would be happy to help as able!

Coralproject Talk

Has anyone gotten #coralproject 's Talk #comment server to work? I've tried downloading their #docker images to get into the admin install area but I'm always greeted by a blank screen. I have a feeling it's a permission issue somewhere. The devs are nice but a little slow in responding. Just throwing it out to the #federation and #fediverse in case anyone has that experience.

S/O to @randygalbraith and @Alyson for being really decent people with excellent commentary on the #federation , a place where you don't necessarily have to have those qualities. :-)


BOOST THE #federationchallenge

Ok, throwing this into place. Play along.

Thank one follower for being an awesome human being. If you are thanked, PAY IT FORWARD.

Let love and respect be our language! Let's keep it going!

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Thank you so much @JB Carroll for the kind words! I too have enjoyed following posts by @Alyson. Let me push a shout out to @Adam Hunt. I enjoy seeing his sailing picture from the "old country" (Canada). In this post I am using the list produced by typing the "at" sign -- hopefully it posts correctly. Cheers, -Randy