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Hello all, @Lights Out Games is having trouble making posts, but they can respond when my node tags them in a post, and others can comment on their posts. Seeing if tagging will help them to be able to see the forum and any replies.

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@Lights Out Games @Friendica Support also tagging @Nolan Darilek as they are having trouble posting to the forums from that account.
Awesome, thanks.

Hey folks, I'm trying to debug lots of connectivity issues, including the ones mentioned here. But to keep things a bit more manageable, I'm curious about why a few posts made from to this forum don't appear to have been received by some folks.

I don't know how to link to specific posts on a forum, but if you visit you'll see a few posts from me that got no response. I didn't want to complain, but when I asked around, some folks hadn't received them at all.

So any idea what's going on here? I don't control so I can't debug it. Is it a blocked instance or something?

I'm also having issues with a new instance not federating, but you can read more about those directly from the forum page. Or maybe I'll post again once we figure out why my forum posts don't appear to propagate.

I don't control so I can't debug it. Is it a blocked instance or something?
No. I'm pretty sure about that because I run both - and the forum node. 🙂
All I can say without looking at the log files is that everyone involved needs to be a follower of the forum account - the one who wants to successfully create a forum posts and the audience (receivers) as well.
Cool, any chance you might be able to look over the logs later? I've made a couple posts that weren't received by folks expecting to get them, so I'm not sure the issue is that they aren't following. I'm also having lots of trouble federating with a remote profile, I don't appear as a follower on that instance, but I've followed/unfollowed the account several times with no change. Anyway, no rush, I'm just glad to have found someone with access to logs on this end. :)

I'm also curious about how some of the posts appear to me. I'm a screen reader user, and am not sure if this is an accessibility issue or something else. I can see my own posts on the forum, but they appear as just the post title and the forum tag. I can't see the content locally, though I can see it when viewing the forum instance. I'm wondering if there's some sort of inaccessible "View more" control to expand longer posts, but there's also a lot in the interface that I'm still getting to grips with.

I'm happy to do that, but not until next Monday. I'm in the middle of a move to another city, so my time is a little tight right now.
@JB Carroll @Lights Out Games As we were discussing on XMPP/Matrix, this might be caused by not being able to deliver AP posts to any other instance (i.e., no posts to subscribers, no forum posts). The log contained such lines: worker [INFO]: Transmit to returned 202 ... APDelivery ... HTTPSignature.php line 309 function "transmit" HTTP 202 means "Accepted", and Friendica bails out on a request on signature failures. The same happened with another user (Clay) some days ago. This is a YUnoHost install if it matters.