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#Friendica needs new contributors!

I'm not used to do this, but with the large influx of new users and node admins recently coming from #Twitter, our small team is now behind the curve for handling support requests, bug reports and bring about much-needed features.

The project is built on a #PHP / #MySQL platform, but we also need people to be able to assist others just using the software to give developers some space.

If you're willing and able to help, please follow @Friendica Support and the project on Github:

Thank you!
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@Le Général Midi Merci ! N'étiez-vous pas sur Diaspora avant ? Je crois reconnaître votre nom de profil ansi que le nom de votre groupe de musique.

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I'm gonna tell your grand-kids this is Elon Musk.
5th element - Gary Oldman
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Seven years ago, a fellow named "MIDI_MAN" compiled 130,000 unique MIDI files by browsing a ton of sites, placing them into directories, and generally assembling years of MIDI music.

Now that collection (1gb compressed, 3.5gb uncompressed, 130,000 files for real!) is at the Internet Archive at this URL:

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EFF writes an article about the fediverse:

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Got to visit the #spaceneedle in #seattle last week. I've been by it before but never went up. It was really nice inside! Seemed like a fancy hotel, and didn't realize how far up I was until I stepped on the observation deck. 🙂

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You mean Apple's privacy advertising was

Hoping someone does an updated diagram but it is a good illustration fornewcomers
@Shelenn Ayres OStatus would only be Friendica and GNU Social now, and even then they added support for ActivityPub. One protocol to rule them all and bind them in the darkness.

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A really nice feature Twitter misses

@greg0ire You can get it for just $8/month!

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Say hello to the small team at The Document Foundation, the non-profit behind LibreOffice! We coordinate projects and activities, so that the LibreOffice community can do awesome things:

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Thank you all you amazing people!!!!
don't forget these people that will be attempting to add a bit more variety!

Hi Mike S. You look different from when I heard you in the Linux podcast!

Version 2.0 of the Fediverse Archive Browser has now been posted at the below link. It is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows desktops. This version adds support for the archive downloadable from your Mastodon site. It can also read Diaspora site archives and Friendica archives generated by the Friendica Archive Generator. Along with browsing your old content you can perform free text searching, date span searching, look at your posting metrics, and more. Released under an Mozilla Public License and written in Flutter. #fediverse #mastodon #friendica #diaspora #TwitterMigration #MastodonMigration #FediverseMigration #MPL #OpenSource #flutter


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The Fediverse has its own video platform called @peertube.

You can follow PeerTube accounts from Mastodon, for example try following @craftykat

You can watch and interact with the videos entirely within Mastodon, or on PeerTube itself.

Here's an example of a PeerTube server:


If you see an account you like, you can copy and paste its account address into Mastodon to follow it there. When new videos are published, they will appear in your Mastodon timeline.
Screenshot of a PeerTube server page, with the account address highlighted, and the caption "Click the clipboard to copy the address, then paste it into the search box on Mastodon!".
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you know who is not going to be happy about this.
Top Charts Free Apps Paid Apps m 17 Mastodon for iPhone and iPad OPEN Decentralized social n... $ 18 Cash App P2P. Banking. OPEN Bitcoin. Stocks. 19 Twitter Let's talk. PTop Charts Free Apps Paid Apps m 17 Mastodon for iPhone and iPad OPEN Decentralized social n... $ 18 Cash App P2P. Banking. OPEN Bitcoin. Stocks. 19 Twitter Let's talk

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At the risk of blowing up my week, I have started a new server for #journodons, #press members, and others who believe in the ethics of journalism.

There are a few of these now, each with a slightly different take on the concept. I think there's room for many more—so don't all sign up here at once. 😅 Feel free to request an invite if this resonates, though, and we'll see how it goes.

#journalism #journalists #mastodon #news #media #photojournalism #twittermigration

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I guess the #docker images hit for #postgres...took out my #matrix server for a while. Probably ought to get out of the habit of just tacking "latest" on all my images on docker-compose. Thank goodness I'm only my own #sysadmin ! 🙃
@JB Carroll Ouch. I hope you get everything back up without much hassle.
@Steven Brady Thanks! Back up and raring to go. Just changed the docker image back to 14.5 for postgress, did another coker-compose pull and up, and we're back.

I would like to switch to 15 someday, but seems less than straightforward, so will do that when I have some free time. 🙂

Happy Birthday @Isaac Kuo ! Hope it's a good one.
Thank you! It means a lot to me

Good ole petrichor. Haven't smelled that in a long time in STL.

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Today, Nextcloud Office introduces an innovative solution to document compatibility. Learn more in our blog!

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These Are Not Photos: Beautiful Landscapes Created by New AI called Stable Diffusion

Content warning: First photographers were creating portraits of people that don’t exist, now Aurel Manea has created a series of “landscape photos” using a new artificially intelligent (AI) software prog

@Danie For me the majorities of these AI generated pictures looks weird, them looks artificial, there is something wrong.

I would say from a human point of view are wrong. But at this point, what is the different between a well crafted 3D landscape generator and such algorithms AI?

Also software like Mandelbulber can create beautiful (abstract) landscape, I am really missing the point of all these AI related projects.

Some years ago there was another AI like this one able to create faces, all these faces looked like cousins of Brad Pitt and George Clooney eventually. 😂
It's all about creating our progeny.

Also, can't wait for sodium sulfur batteries to really take off!

Sodium Ion Batteries are, apparently, now in production. As in, this isn't theoretical. Customers are purchasing and using them now.

How Na-Ion batteries differ from Li-Ion batteries:

First, Na is very similar to Li but heavier so in general they operate the same way. But, obviously, there's no Li in a Na-Ion battery. But apparently neither is there any cobalt or copper or graphite.

No Li, Co, and no Cu means Na-Ion batteries are much less costly in terms of materials but also in terms of labor and environmental hazards.

But Na is heavier than Li so what about energy density? Well, there's a claim here that these Na-Ion batteries have comparable energy density to Li-Ion batteries. Which would mean there must be a mass-savings in some of the other constituents of the battery, right?

Well, whatever. It's something I'll be keeping an eye on. If it all works out this could be a very good thing indeed.

Just got my HP with #PopOS delivered! Probably the best laptop keyboard that I remember typing on. 😁
I also got the HP creator mouse they recommended on the site. Both the mouse and the laptop seem very solid. The keyboard is like a modern version of a Thinkpad keyboard; like 3x more travel than other boards I've tried.

Common weed may be ‘super plant’ that holds key to drought-resistant crops

I probably shouldn't have this much schadenfreude about #crypto crashing, but...I can't help it. 😈

Several years ago when coaxing my cranky kid to eat his dinner at a restaurant, I told him I’d drink the side of ranch that came with my meal if he ate his food. He did, and I did, and it’s not something I’d like to repeat.

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!Friendica Support

Apologies for the fundamental question, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for online.

I'm trying to help test the new Fedilab app, and one error I've been having is that I'm unable to upload photos from the app. The developer said that my instance does not return supported MIME types. An update was provided that prevented it from crashing from not detecting the MIME type, but the draft window just closes, so I'd like to try to fix it on my server.

Is there a way to fix this on my server easily, and where is the MIME type file located? Which mime types should I enable?


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I haven't tested Fedilab by now.
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Alright. Tusky seems to work just fine, so if I want to post photos, I guess I'll use that for now. 🙂 Commented on the issue for it again on codeberg, we'll see what we find.

Bah! Finally succumbed to COVID. I probably have the "milder" Omicron strain(s), but if this was mild I can't imagine what the original without vaccinations would have done...
Thanks for checking in @Steven Brady ! I think I'm on the upswing now, still a lingering cough and get tired easily, but no more fever or severe coughing. Probably another week or two and will be back to normal (such as it is. 🙂).

Good guy proton. Thanks @ProtonMail ! Happy that the support has helped. 👍💪

@Steven Brady
They just released an F-droid app with non-Google pish notifications too!

I knew the # people were working on decentralized # over element, but somehow totally slept on this announcement. Excited to here SFU is in the cards too!
That looks really neat!

A co-worker has a wife who travels and was nice enough to share some of the # from her recent travel. Enjoyed this Riedenburger very much tonight! ::beer: ::like: