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#friendica #admins , just a heads up.

dear follow #diasporians

i have the hint, there will soon come a wave of #maga - #trumpsters accounts to #diaspora, the older of you might remember on the #wave of #daesh - and #isis accounts yeras ago, when #twitter #silenced their accounts and i think, the #antifa -fellows here in diaspora , the diasporians who have no sympathy to trump or his #whitepower -footsoldiers, the people here, who dont sympathizes with #racism #fascism #homophobia #sexism or (yes, you read right, i wrote OR! which says a lot about this time) #antisemitism the #liberals here, we should be prepared and think about, how to counter that, i dont want diaspora to become the brown echochamber for #conspiracy-ideology, for that #qanon lunacy or this #trump -bullshit
share that, think about that, debate about that, stopping #fascism when you can, not, when its allready to late, #antifascists predicted that allready years ago and itz no #fun anymore, itz no fun, to play #cassanda and beeing right #now itz the time to defeat #fascist #hatespeech here on diaspora, not tomorow, not next week, ITZ NOW!

this is a call to your keyboards!

please share!

you get a funny, hopefully prophetic picture as reward
Bildbeschreibung hier eingeben

ps if you want to support the cause and you think i missed important points, feel free to rephrase that posting or write something in the comments or a pm, feel free to "follow"me (maybe a little warning, i am an antifa, i am really i left wing communist and i am a pro-zionist and i am a militant, we can argue about that, we can have debates or, if you dont like that, make your own post about it, if itz antifascist, i will support it, i love you!)

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Let's see how bad things get...
@tomgrz and @JB Carroll i would like to invite you to the debate under the post, no strings attached
and thx for your concerns

Hoping we survive this attack by Y’all Qaeda.

Started off New Year’s Day with a large ice storm and our power being out for five hours, due to a tree on the power line. Because it’s a new year, I’m not going to try to read into how that bodes for 2021. :-)

http2 activate!

For some reason, I realized I didn't have http2 enabled on my #nginx server for #friendica. It's an easy fix, and now the page load seems very zippy, even compared to loading on my local connection before! #sysadmin

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Hey, Canucks! Or Lemmy (the software) fans! Or both, or neither!

Howdy, Canucks, Lemmy fans, or just whomever likes federated reddit clones!

I'm venturing in to the world of Lemmy and have put up If you'd like to have a look, have something to create and say, maybe help get involved, build communities, etc, please come on by and see what's going on!

It's a little something different, and it should be fun!
That's good news!
Thanks! I think it's going to be an interesting journey with it.
Without #JavaScript todays websites look like this:
I find that "new" trend" worrysome, as more insecure browsers we have.

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The inconvenient truth is that there is no such thing as a backdoor that only lets the good guys in. The EU's resolution on encryption, released yesterday, could result in a net decrease of everyone's privacy and security:
The day protonmail anonces it has a backdoor, I will stop paying for their service.
You don't have to worry about that. As you know, ProtonMail doesn't have any backdoors, and we would never cooperate with requests to install one. Our software also continues to be open source, meaning anyone can check our code and confirm for themselves that we are protecting user data in the way we claim.

Google Down

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Forget about Cyberpunk 2077, this is cyberpunk 2020. No exciting neons nor dildos, just plain corporate surveillance.
2020-12-13 16:52:55
Microsoft Teams for Education knows what students are doing late at night.


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Grim... The irony is that there are high-quality open-source solutions available. Learning management system, like Moodle have been around for decades. They are mature products specifically developed for (higher) eduction that are extremely versatile.

Recently and now accelerated by the pandemic, we see these these high-end open-source platforms being gradually replaced by generic solutions offered in "freebie" mode by mega commercial providers. Offering half of the functionality and quadrupling gimmicks, while increasing corporate surveillance without giving meaningful control to educators and learners.

I think I need Cyberpunk 2077 to escape this shite... \rant over;
I’m not sure if you’re seriously considering playing Cyberpunk 2077 but please don’t. If you or anyone else want to spend that kind of money of cyberpunk entertainment, please consider the Be A Better Cyberpunk bundle.
Thanks for the link @Hypolite Petovan!! Never seriously played video games; okay except Basic Pong. I'll pass this link on to some of those trapped in hyper-consumerisms.
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I wrote a very angry and completely ignored letter when my kids' school district switched from privately hosted Moodle to Google. Complete bullshit and inexcusable allowing this level of surveillance. And good luck trying to convince a young teen who knows everything that Google, FB, etc etc are not just surveillancing but influencing their behavior.

I have to admit I’ve used these apps quite a few times during the pandemic. I’m going to resolve to order direct from the restaurant and actually go and pick it up myself, and be less lazy about cooking, of course. :-)

The New York Times: Opinion | Apps Are Helping to Gut the Restaurant Industry (By Greg Bensinger)


Hope this gets out there. Decided on a whim to update from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 LTS. I guess because of the complexities of my server config, it totally messed up the boot and zfs mounting. On, the upside, it appears I have restored it to 20.04! #liveandlearn

2020-09-04 17:47:57
On journalism: "If someone says it's raining, and another person says it's dry, it's not your job to quote them both. Your job is to look out the fucking window and find out which is true." -Sally Claire

LibreOffice is now in 53,000 classrooms in Turkey! Students will benefit from free and open source software, which encourages sharing and learning how it works: