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The latest beta of the Relatica mobile and desktop Friendica client, version 0.6.0, has just been released. This release includes three major new features: blocks management, post/comment filtering, and image gallery management functions. It also includes fixes for the jankiness and apparent freezing that could be seen when processing posts coming back from the server, a problem where delayed logins could prevent the app from loading, and several other bug nits. The CHANGELOG file has more details. The Install file can be used for installing Android, Linux, and Windows version. Apple has it in review for iOS and macOS users so should be available within the next 24 hours. If you would like to join the beta on Apple platforms feel free to DM me here, on Matrix, or in the Relatica Matrix room. Enjoy! #relatica #friendica #fediverse
Guess i better start using my friendica account, especially if i can use it on mac laptop. Great work, thanks!
I'm loving this app, it seems so much snappier than interacting with Friendica on the server, not sure how this is possible. Anyway, loving what you're doing, and thank god we have a proper mobile and desktop app. I love Friendica, but the lack of these made it difficult to justify using it. Thanks!!
You are welcome! It has a bit of a ways to go still before I get to 1.0 status but I'm glad that people can enjoy it already.
I'm curious, as a non-developer, why are more apps not being developed with Flutter? It sounds like it reduces effort and maintenance by having the ability to develop once and deploy to many platforms. Is it just that it's not been widely adopted? Are there limitations etc?
I honestly don’t know. I became a convert in 2021 and never looked back. It is pretty new though and it uses a language which is easy to pick up but not heavily used elsewhere, Dart. Some people are afraid to use it since Google is the developer and they have a history of killing platforms and products a few years after rolling them out. People are maybe also burned by years of “write once run everywhere” being mostly marketing shtick: It is gaining more and more momentum and getting ever more compelling every year though. :)
Thanks, that is very interesting, and I can see how people would be wary of Google's intentions/longevity ... hopefully it sticks around