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This was posted to an audiophile FB group I'm in for work and it's triggered everyone.

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my brain just said "art collectors don't use their money to appreciate your art, they use your art to appreciate their money" and now I can't un-think it
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Content warning: aside about quote attribution re: audiophiles don't use their equipment to listen to your music

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@the Packbats of many projects Thank you! I dug up that source the last time I saw the quote, but by then I had lost where I had seen it attributed to Parsons. Now I was about to find the source again, but you spared me the effort. 💜


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If Parsons actually said this, it's classic. Also, the quote isn't wrong...
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@Strange Culprits It is not wrong, but it's a slashdotter who said it.…

Doing a bit of DuckDuckGo-ing, we found out that this isn't actually a quote from Alan Parsons. This Boing Boing article about an Alan Parsons interview cites it correctly - it's actually a quip by Slashdot user Tackhead.