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After Musk's Twitter Deal, Users Rush to Mastodon | Make Tech Easier

This news caused one of Mastodon’s main servers, to slow down. The site is very similar to Twitter in the way messages appear; however, Mastodon is constructed of multiple servers that work independently of each other but can still interact with each other. The system has been compared to the way multiple email servers interact.
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Khurram Wadee reshared this.

There is definitely a shift going on,

Other articles list several tens of thousands of new followers for far-right wing twitter users.

I'd like to see stats on fediverse servers in general please, not only spotlights.
So would I, actually, as I'm also checking out Friendica system.
The left are fleeing and the right are glee'ing
So, Twitter is now Twittler and may soon become Hitler if it isnt already!