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Github has ruined the concept of a README bah!

I find a project, I try to figure out build steps. I decide I want guidance. I look. Excitedly I type "cat README" and I get a marketing pitch formatted to be viewed as HTML.
@silverwizard if the readme is a markdown file, it's a red flag.
@JB Carroll @silverwizard Almost every github project has a file, NOT a red flag, usually they contain useful information.
Yeah, but they aren't usually a README, they're usually a short website about the project, should probably be an index.html
@silverwizard @JB Carroll This may be true of Windows projects but certainly not of Linux, it is almost ALWAYS a and sometimes there will be also a and an but always a and NEVER an
Sorry, I said the contents of *belong* in index.html and are always in which is no longer a useful file
@Nanook I was being facetious, but only by a little bit. :-)